HabitBull – Habit Tracker

HabitBull – Habit Tracker is an android app I found on Google Play.

It’s built by two guys, MR. BOYAN YORDANOV PENEV a 33 old Bulgarian developer and MR. THOMAS BERNARD MARTIN BOOGAERTS – 26 old Belgian, both living in London, UK.

They registered a company, Oristats Ltd, about 10 months ago. Currently doing pretty well with over 100 000 downloads and about 12K customer reviews on Google Play Marketplace. Well done!

The app as they say “is a powerful companion which helps you keep track of your day to day habits and routines”.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas?

I found this article Top 10 Small Business Ideas on smallbusinesspro, and I decided to do some research and look for those 10 profitable businesses:

  1. Courier Business
    • the first 2 search results are not very interesting but then MAINA COURIERS LIMITED, a 11 years old business from Wembley, is looking pretty good:
      • Current assets in 2013 of about £200K decreased from £220K in 2012
      • Shareholder funds increased in 2013 to about £70K from £54K in the previous year
    • another interesting company is COURIERGRAM LIMITED, a 10 years old company with offices in MILTON KEYNES:
      • Current assets in 2013 increased to £224,066 from £193,065 previous year
      • Same of shareholder funds a significant increase in 2013 to £205,722 from £174,216 in 2012
  2. Coffee Shops – this is where it gets interesting
    • (to be continued)

Research Your Competitors on Company Check

Being an entrepreneur can often be similar to being a heavyweight boxer. Just like how a heavyweight boxer is required to study his opponents and find out his weakness and strengths, an entrepreneur is required to research his or her competitors in the industry. A good boxer analyses the abilities of his opponents to devise the right tactics for the knock-out victory, while a successful entrepreneur conducts a thorough research on his competitors to acquire a greater market share and create a greater impact in the industry.

Knowing your competitor and understanding the nature of your competition can go a long way in helping your business climb up the ranks. Competitor research is not only confined to determining how much market share is enjoyed by your opponents. You need to attain detailed information on your competitor’s accounts, statistics, profit and loss trends, their brand motives, the execution of their plans, their acquisitions, mergers, the demand for their products and their production capacity. Once you have a full picture of who your competitor is and what it is capable of, you’ll find yourself in the driver seat to outsmart and out muscle your opponents in the battle for the bigger slice of the market pie.

Now you can’t just sit in the comfort of your office chair and expect your competitors to feed you with tons of information about their business. You can however, sit in that very chair and stumble upon a treasure trove of data about your competitors by heading over to the Company Check search box. This is a website that is dedicated to providing you with the latest details on companies from all over the United Kingdom. The information contained within this website is collected from a number of different reliable sources including Companies House, local Gazettes and Registry Trust. In other words, this site allows you the luxury of acquiring, assessing and analysing valuable information about your competitors from one single source.

You can expect to find fundamental data about your competitors such as registration details, key financials and director records without being charged a single penny. In the case you are in need of further information to work with, you can sign up for their subscription service, which allows you to access risk analysis, full financial data tables, historical payment data, county court judgements, directors, charges, mortgages and a myriad of other precious data for a sky low price of £19 per month.

When you realize the fact that all of this costs less than a daily newspaper, you’ll understand that spending a few pounds on Company Check is a worthy investment indeed. Once you have the information that you need in your hands, you can play to your strengths and hide your weakness against your competitors and prepare to deliver the knock-out blow in the game of business.

Top Tips to Ensure A Fantastic Removals and Moving Home Process

fantastic-removalsDid you know there are 1000+ “removals companies” in the UK?

Moving house is known to be one of the most stressful life events, but it is something that most of us will go through a number of times. Without a doubt, moving house requires a great deal of planning, organisation and patience in order to get everything done as smoothly and efficiently as possible. There are however, a number of tricks of the trade which should help to ensure a fantastic removals and relocation.

Go Through The House and Throw Things Out

The first step that should be done well before any packing begins is to go through the whole home from top to bottom getting rid of anything you no longer use or need. Decide what can go to charity, what needs to be thrown out and what can be recycled. This immediately reduces the amount you need to move and ensures you aren’t wasting your time packing and moving items that aren’t necessary.

Label and Colour Co-ordinate Boxes

Always label your boxes as you pack them and try to keep things together according to the room in which they will be kept at the new place. Label boxes by room such as bedroom, and use a different colour marker pen for each room. If you really want to be organised and save yourself time later on, write a list of everything in the box. When you are half way through packing, two weeks later and decide you need the cheese grater, it won’t take long to decipher which box to open.

Pack an Overnight Bag of Essentials

By the time you arrive at your new place, you wont feel like doing much. Have an overnight bag packed with your essentials for a night or two, including bedding, so that you can at least get a good rest on your first night.

Start Packing Up in Advance

Start packing up as early as possible, starting with the things you never or rarely use. Decorative items such as ornaments and paintings can be packed fairly early on as they don’t have any practical use that may be needed before the move. You can also start packing up clothes that relate to the opposite season, for instance pack up your winter clothes if you’re moving in the summer.

Find a Reputable, Fantastic Removals Company

Ask friends for recommendations or search online in order to find a fantastic removals company with good reviews and a good reputation. Ask for a quote and remember to book in advance to ensure availability on the day you intend to move. You can perform checks on companies through using tools such as those offered by compck.com

5 Top Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe Including Child Safety Media

child-safety--companiesDid you know there are over 10 000 “child safety” companies in the UK?

Having a child and watching them grow up is one of the most exciting and fulfilling times of a person’s life. However, it is also one of the scariest, as you begin to realise all of the potential dangers to which your child is inevitably going to become exposed. It is every parent’s instinct to protect their kids at all times, but as they grow up they will be spending more and more time in the real world without constant supervision. The best thing we can do for our children is to provide them with the knowledge, tools and resources that they may require in order to keep themselves out of danger and to act appropriately when its unavoidable. These 5 top tips will offer parents some useful information and ideas for keeping your children safe.

1. Inform them of the Do’s and Don’ts

Speaking directly to your child about the strict do’s and don’ts is one of the first steps and something that should be done at as early an age as possible. Be sure that when it comes to the don’ts to use the word never, and ensure your child understands that there is no room for negotiation when it comes to the things you teach them never to do. One of the obvious examples is to never get in a car with a stranger.

2. Teach them Crucial Personal Information

Make sure your children know the basics, such as their home address, parents’ mobile number and how to contact the emergency services. Also make sure they know the safe places around the neighbourhood or town, such as the police station, a trusted neighbour or relatives house, fire station or school. Also make sure they never have their name clearly displayed for strangers to see.

3. Create a Safety Word

Agree upon a code word with your child and in the case that a friend or relative is sent to pick up your child unexpectedly they can confirm this through asking for the code word.

4. Internet Awareness

Always be aware of what your child is doing online, including with whom they are talking and what information they have made public through social media.

5. Child Safety Events

Child safety events are held regularly throughout the community and are often conducted in schools. Companies such as Child Safety Media lead child safety talks and hands-on activities to children on topics including fire and home safety, bullying, road safety, drugs, first-aid and anti-social behaviour. Such events often involve discussions with officials in key roles such as police officers and fire fighters, who are often considered role models by children. There are of course other companies that offer similar events and more information on child safety companies can be found through compck.com.

EastBourne Actions Services

EASTBOURNE AUCTIONS LTD is a 2 year old company from EAST SUSSEX.

Not only does Eastbourne Auctions offer you the chance to sell and buy items through the use of an auction they also offer other services.

Eastbourne Auctions Services

Probate and Insurance

Eastbourne Auctions give free verbal valuations for all items as well as written valuations for insurance, family division or probate.

The charges that are incurred for probate and insurance valuations are:

  • VAT and 1% of the value

  • There is also a minimum charge of £150 plus VAT

You are also bale to arrange a full professional house clearance where the items are all sold and the house will be left tidy and clean so that it is ready for sale.

House Clearances

Eastbourne Auctions offers a full or part house clearance service. An auctioneer will arrange to meet at the property and will then advise you in terms of the sale of the items that are worth something and also getting rid of items that are not saleable.

The items that are seen as being saleable will be placed into an eight weekly two day fine art antiques & collectables sale, the monthly Saturday collective sale or will be placed into the fortnightly Saturday sale of quality modern, household, general and affordable collectables sale.

The sales will be catalogued and illustrated. They will also be available for live bidding during the sale.

Any items that can’t be sold will be disposed of or will be recycled. The house is then left ready for sale.


If you are registered charity then you are able to have items valued and sold for free. The items will go into the Eastbourne Auctions fine art antiques and collectables and the Saturday collective sales.

Where did Mill Hill Music Mart Ltd Start?

The Mill Hill Music Mart Ltd is part of the Mill Hill Music Complex. In 1979 Mill Hill Music Complex opened and it has now grown into a foremost music facility within London. There are 17 studios at the complex and about 1000 musicians come through the each week.
Famous artists including Madness, Amy Winehouse, The Foundations and more have used the studios at Mill Hill Music Complex.
The Mill Hill Music Mart Ltd. went through a revamp stage and in 2012 they opened six new studios, a reception area and a shop area. They now offer free Wi-Fi for all studio customers and plenty of other amenities for customers.
There are 17 studios at Mill Hill Music Mart Ltd where you will be able to rehearse, record, dance and more.
At the shop you will be able to find a range of musical instruments, accessories and more.
Mill Hill Music Complex is equipped with quality instruments and equipment. They also have staff on hand that are able to help you with any questions you may have as well as specialists within the services that they offer.
The services that they now offer from their partner companies include arts and drama with the Arts Experience, band forming sessions with Rock United, the Jumping Ballet school offer ballet and tap and there are youth music projects with Soundskool. They have also started their own instrument tuition section.
No matter what you are looking for in terms of music, performance and more you will be able to find it with the Mill Hill Music Mart Ltd.

Company financials for the last year

See Mill Hill Music Mart Limited Unaudited Abbreviated Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 January 2014:


Who is Dempson Crook Ltd.?

Dempson is a 53 year old company from Kent – http://compck.com/#!/company/00712226

Dempson Crook Ltd is the one of the top UK based manufacturers of serviettes, paper bags and carriers, paper rolls and sheeted paper wrapping products.

Dempson Crook Ltd began in 1948 and has since been crazy about paper. Since its beginnings the Dempson Crook Ltd group has become to be the largest as well as being the most varied manufacturers of bags in the UK. They offer a selection and also a varied range of products that is available in the industry.

The Dempson Crook Ltd Company made its name through their knowledge in paper conservation, patented technologies and engineering innovations. They serve a range of markets from Food to go retailing to branded high street retailers, wholesalers, catering supplies and more.

The innovation behind Dempson Crook Ltd is aimed at products that are energy efficient, materials, machines or processes “for our children’s sake”. This has led to Dempson being the go to supplier for brand owners that are looking for innovation as well as being environmentally conscious.

The innovations that have recently been undertaken by the Dempson Crook Ltd. Group in regards to technology of paper bags include:

  • Heritage – these are biodegradable window strip bags

  • The paper box – this is a SOS type bag that is able to fold into a box shape. This is then able to provide a material that reduces the weight as well as transportation that is energy efficient.

  • Windowed SOS bags – are designed as an accompaniment to moulded inserts in terms of packaging for tortilla wraps and sandwiches. These are able to provide a packaging that is lighter in weight and is also energy efficient. These are to replace the traditional cardboard packaging.

  • The Dempson Bag – energy efficient technology and materials and styling in paper carrier bags are used in order to create a 350mm bottom gusset so that larger items can be carried.

Press releases: http://dempson.kellsoft.net/about-us/press-releases/


Company director’s nationality in the UK

Top 10 director’s nationality in the UK


  1. BRITISH 630389
  2. GERMAN 6484
  3. IRISH 5682
  4. INDIAN 3060
  5. FRENCH 3045
  6. ITALIAN 2988
  7. AMERICAN 2790
  8. DUTCH 2177
  9. POLISH 1974
  10. CHINESE 1844

    PAKISTANI 1462
    NIGERIAN 1317
    CANADIAN 1119
    SPANISH 1084
    SWEDISH 1062
    SWISS 781
    WELSH 776
    DANISH 756
    SCOTTISH 745
    BELGIAN 718
    USA 676
    ROMANIAN 671
    TURKISH 643
    GREEK 574

An Uncertain Future for The Iconic Top Gear

Top gear – companies

They say all good things come to an end. When it comes to Top Gear however, people all across the globe really thought that the magical trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond would forever continue to entertain the masses with their witty humour and sensational displays of the best (and worst) automobiles in the world. Therefore when BBC announced that they would not renew the contract of Jeremy Clarkson this March, fans of the iconic British Television show were in a state of utter shock followed by bitter disappointment.

Top Gear has been the only constant in British Television for the last decade or so. It was a show that both the young and the old counted on for their weekly dose of entertainment. There was more than just dazzling, unreal and expensive motor vehicles to this unique, one of a kind automobile show. If anything, the show was popularized by the unparalleled chemistry between May, Clarkson and Hammond. Each character had their own charming persona that left the crowd thoroughly intrigued throughout the show. When there was no Sherlock, it was Top Gear that kept the ratings on UK Television competitive with their American counterparts.

The moment news surfaced that Jeremy Clarkson would no longer be a part of the show, people knew that the future of Top Gear was doomed. It was not only an end to Clarkson’s legacy, but rather an end to the fairy tale run of the show itself. The frustration was at first directed towards BBC, who automatically became an evil figure in the eyes of the die hard Top Gear fans. They couldn’t possibly conceive the idea that Jeremy Clarkson had left BBC with no choice but to sack him.

As soon as the disappointment toned down slightly, the conspiracy theorists came up with their bizarre explanations. There were some who even believed that Clarkson was let go because the statistics were not in favour of Top Gear. Rumours suggested that Top Gear was not drawing enough with Clarkson, and that a replacement would be best for business. None of these were really true. If anything, Clarkson had always been the reason for the upward trend in the ratings of Top Gear. One cannot deny the fact that his role was pivotal for the widespread popularity of the 3 man team. While all three of them stood out as great comedians, it was Jeremy Clarkson whose politically incorrect talk blended with his vast experience in the field of automobiles made Top Gear the great show that it is, or should we say, it was.

At the end of the day, the fans of Top Gear have to come to terms with the fact that Jeremy Clarkson’s behaviour was inexcusable. Verbal lashing and physical abuse cannot be tolerated in a modern society. Perhaps the sacking and the controversy surrounding it leaves a noticeable dent on the reputation of Jeremy Clarkson. However, his long illustrious career deserves to be respected, cherished and given an appropriate farewell. So while you bid adieu to Clarkson and his crew, take look at this list of automobile companies that share their names (http://compck.com/#!/companies/search/topgear ) with this iconic British television show, which is set to be ingrained in the history books. Perhaps these companies have something to offer you that will keep you in touch with your memories of Top Gear.